Shorty Briefing

The unique compact briefing for your day! Works with and without voice.


Welcome to Shorty Briefing!

Languages: English, German

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Shorty Briefing (or earlier: Good Morning) was launched in early 2019 via the website "". With more than 1,190 downloads, Shorty Briefing is one of the most downloaded shortcuts of the German shortcut community. Now also available at RoutineHub.

(1) Functions

Tags: Weather, Calendar, Reminders, News

Contents of the briefing:
• Current weather conditions
• Weather forecast for the next five hours
• Overview of all calendar events on the queried day
• Lots of details about the respective calendar event
• Shorty suggested reminders you could get done
• (until now only in German) latest news from well-known news sources
• You can choose your news feed from a desired news source
• Or from the so-called "Newspaper" function, where all existing news sources are offered in the proposal

Design & Layout

The wonderful v-Card Menu shows Shorty Briefing from the best side. You can change your theme between light and dark mode (Shorty Show)

Shorty Show

Shorty Show packs and shows your briefing in a beautiful-designed view. This design was self-created with HTML & CSS. The design and the functions of Shorty Show will be perfected in the upcoming updates.

Shorty Voice

Shorty Voice is like your Alexa, Google Home or Siri. It's a little, but fine language assistant. It's created to inform you informations about your weather, calendar, news... (look at the functions). The options are so diverse that it can be also perfected in the upcoming updates.

(2) Siri

After you configure Shorty Briefing and download all packages, just say to Siri:
• "Shorty Report Voice Pack" (in version 1.0.1 or older)
• "Shorty Briefing Voice Pack" (in version 1.0.2 or newer)
to activate the briefing in Siri.

(3) Privacy & Security

The private and data-safe use of all users is guaranteed here at Shorty Briefing. All the data you have entrusted to Shorty Briefing will not be read and will remain locked in iCloud and on your device. Your data will only be used for this shortcut and will not be passed on to third parties from Shortycuts! Promised.

(4) Images

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(5) Outlook from Shorty Briefing

As we are relatively in the early stages, many innovations, changes, performance optimizations and features will follow in the future.

In the next big update:
• "News" for English-speaking people (using known sources from the US or the UK)

If you would like to support me in this matter, simply write your ideas, wishes, problems and errors or constructive feedback in the comments. Please don't forget to leave a heart, when you like it. ;)

I would be very happy about a heart (RoutineHub) or a thumbs up (

(6) Credits

• Swing Updater by @D3W10
• MergeCuts by @ROP
• MediaKit by @ROP
• Menu Builder by @entee
• English-Translation by Microsoft

(7) Compatibility

Shorty Briefing is compatible with:
• all iPhones and iPads with iOS 13 (or newer)

Goal: 200 downloads (28th December 2019)

Latest Release Notes

1.1 - Jan. 19, 2020, 5:33 p.m.

What's new in v.1.1?

[Content updates]

NEW: News for people in the US and the United Kingdom
• Finally, the time has come! For people living in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, you can now access the news section of Shorty Briefing. (in the future, this feature will also follow in VoicePack)

[Improvements & Optimizations]
• Credits update
• It was cleaned up and the garbage was brought out
-> ShowPack actions have been reduced by 17%! That's more than 50 actions!

[Bug Fixes]
• Fixed a package installation error
• Small bug fixes


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