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Edit your text! With everything listed and explained below!There is a viewable option in the shortcut to see them, except for emoticons because there’s so many. The sweetest thing about it is that, you can text everything (including text art)!  


There are 20+ Fonts from Changemeister’s code and some of my own.



There is 40+ emoticons (organized) to add on to your text! You can make an emoticon story (choose multiple and place in proper order)


Text art

Text art is the amazing usage of complicated symbols and signs to make full-scale art! The selected few are text-able, so they don’t look broken when pasted in. When first running, you’ll see all of them and you’ll name them so you know which is which.



MASSIVE THANKS to @ROPcuts for I Am Genius, I took out most of the components so it’s a little smoother and removed unnecessary parts so it works for my shortcut and through Itunes. You’re able to search for any song through Itunes store, you don’t need to pay, this option only appears if you have no song currently playing.



Get news from BBC, Wall Street Journal, ESPN, CNN, and Reddit (it’s reddit…) You can choose from a list, that corresponds with what the news source. Thanks to ROP there is a nice platform to read your article. This is also able to be edited, I recommend not overdoing though, it can look messy!



Add something cool to you text! You’ll see! DON’T USE THE PLUS SIGN, WILL NOT SAVE TO TEXT LIBRARY PROPERLY


Spam Texter

You’re able to spam text to, a random number (30% fail rate because not every number exsists) or Someone from your contacts how ever many times you want!


Jokes & stories

Get a joke or a story from some of the most popular subreddits!


Changing web font

Thanks to Changemeister for his shortcut to change the web font, you can do this by clicking the share button on a safari webpage and choosing your font!


Text Library

EVERYTHING IS SAVABLE! So after you made your text and/or text art you can save it so you don’t have to make it over and over again! if you saved a text that has an un-fonted word you’re able to edit it if you choose to, already fonted ones can’t have a font changer applied to it. You can delete or add to it whenever, just hit Text library first when you open the shortcut. You’ll get the same message until you save something to you library. Each saved item is saved to a corresponding category in your Text Library.


Set up

The shortcut only requires a few things: access to your iCloud Drive, For you to name the text art how you choose, and access to the internet (for updates via clicking an update button). The amazing thing is that; this is all shown when first running the shortcut! So you didn’t really need to read this, it’s just you should. Click “Text library” first, so it gets created! People just go straight to editing and discover they can’t save because the didn’t make their Text Library.

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Bug fix for text Library

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