Control Centre 13 (iOS 13)

Ultimate Control of your iPhone or iPad


Control Centre is Now Version 13

Note this is in beta and updated to work with iOS 13, most things works correctly however there are still some anomaly’s I’m correcting as I find them and will update as I do, please ensure that you update the two required shortcuts below. All control Centre shortcuts have been updated to iOS 13 spec.

Minimum Required Shortcuts to run any Control Centre Shortcuts

  • Control Centre Preferences
  • Control Centre Update

For those with IPhone 6, 6s, 7,7s etc I recommend using Control Centre Lite Available Here

What is Control Centre

  • It's a collection of 22 shortcuts that work seamlessly with each other to help your daily life, seeing your next appointment in the Dynamic Menu and then if you have stored the location you can get the directions without having to look them up, just add them to your iOS Calendar (which you can also do in Control Centre)

Do I need to download them all

No you don’t, however you will need two dependency shortcuts as shown at the top which integrate nicely to make a seemly one piece shortcut.

  • So Twenty two Shortcuts? Yes it is the largest collection in Shortcuts with advanced features to help you throughout your day. if this was one Shortcut there would be over 5000 actions which is why it's split into 22 manageable sized shortcuts for speed and practicalities of maintenance and adding new functions.

Control Centre

  • Is the Main Shortcut and has a lot of built in functionality helping you throughout the day, you will see more detail below about its Menu and what it can do.

  • Control Centre 1st's on its journey to version Ten - multi shortcuts started in V6 - Back Button between Shortcuts - Back Button with clear description where it's Going Back too - Screen Reports for complexed Data - Dynamic Menu's showing information without Running a shortcut - most likely the 1st with 5000 plus useable actions

  • It's a reliable learning tool to understand how to build complexed Shortcut.

Let's see what this collection of shortcuts can do.


Control Centre Preferences

  • I found myself writing the same shortcut actions time and time again but never with the the same formatting , so I built this shortcut to give consistency across my shortcuts and a uniformed look, there is also a View my Preferences shortcut to see them and to learn how you can implement them to in your shortcuts too, in addition a Preference shortcut and View shortcut are also being released to use in your shortcuts too.

  • Control Centre Preferences now provides many of the Dynamic Menu's used in a consistent approach across each of the Control Centre Shortcuts.

  • such as the time of arrival to home or work without having to run another shortcut, it can give Dates, Volume, Brightness, Wi-Fi details, Weather in European and USA formats , Count details etc and all correctly formatted consistently Best of all its very easy to implement into your shortcuts.
  • A Major advantage is the number of actions used in Control Centre is now reduced by over 160 action, meaning now that Control Centre is more compact and around 40 actions less than v9.5 but with more added features and additions.

Currently there are 35 Preferences in use

  • Each menu using Preferences will have a Menu Refresh on the Menu.

  • On import you will be asked to provide your Home and Work addresses these provide travel details in the Dynamic menu's

  • Showing the View Preferences (this is the none personal stuff being shown here there is s lot more information passed that I can’t show here, it would be personal to you to.)

Control Centre Systems

  • Anything that is iOS system based is controlled in this Shortcut from setting Volume, Brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a whole lot more starts here.

Control Centre Shortcut Super Hub

  • The Super Hub to Run any Shortcut in your Library to create a mini Control Centre of your shortcuts you have made or downloaded.

Control Centre Music

  • Music Lovers start here, listen,control, download, create playlist, create gifs of your favourite Artist and a whole lot more.

  • A fully operational Music system where you can

  • adjust the Volume,

  • change tracks back and forth,
  • create a new playlist
  • find music by Artist
  • find music by Album
  • find songs on iTunes
  • find Videos on iTunes
  • make an Artists wall similar to below
  • connect To Shazam

New Genius Mashup (adds the week Number) - Quick Play - Go to Sleep by timed Music

Control Centre Daily Routines

  • It's your Travel, Calendar, Weather, News Make Notes, Calendar Appointment Companionship shortcut

  • Everything you do daily will be here,

  • Daily info ar a Glance

  • Alarms,
  • Agenda,
  • News,
  • Social Media,
  • Weather are all here
  • how long is it till the end of the month

New RSS NEWS READER in Daily Routines

Control Centre Weather Report

  • A Worldwide Weather Report on your device in one place, chose from Capital Cities, Major Cities, or an Dynamic Report base on your location without having to set a location. This Shortcut requires Control Centre Screen Reports.

Control Centre Address Database

  • This is where you store all the Locations you use Regularly, you can store just a Postcode or Zipcode, full address or even Longitude and Latitude these are used in Google Maps or Waze from Control Centre Travel. This is a pass though shortcut to get regular information only.

Control Centre Travel

  • If it's Travel this is the shortcut for you, at the Airport or Shopping in a location you don't know well you can Park My Car, stored in Calendar for you to retrieve when you are ready, with a walk back map and a reminder too. Want to find a local Business to get directions or there Phone Number you can do that here and so much more.

  • Get help quickly in

  • Emergency,

  • where am I?,
  • Park my Car,
  • Take me home,
  • Regular Places I visit,
  • Directions to next Event,
  • Share Location,
  • Find local Business (directions),
  • Find Local Business (Phone Number and call direct from the shortcut),
  • Use Public Transport,
  • Airplane Mode,
  • Travel Planning,
  • Timezones.

Control Centre Travel By Waze

  • OK so you prefer to use Waze, no problem it's all covered here similar to CC Travel

Control Centre Timezone

  • You need to know what time it is anywhere in the world and know what the time difference is no problem it's here, if you want to know where the chosen City is, no problem we can show you.

Control Centre Contacts

  • Select a Contact, get in touch by iMessage, Call, FaceTime Audio or VOIP , WhatsApp, send a selfie or photo, business card or even shrink your latest masterpiece video you shot of the kids etc.

New send ETA BY TEXT

Control Centre Movies

  • Fire up the AppleTV, Search IMDb or iTunes about your favourite films or actors etc and more.

Control Centre Update

  • Control Centre Update is required in most of the Control Centre Shortcuts, it is one of the Smallest Updater's with just 21 Actions, and you don't have to check unless you want to as you will see on the Dynamic Menu in each supported shortcut, there is even a shortcut to show you how to add it in to you shortcuts too in just three easy steps. In addition when you Run any Control Centre Shortcut If a new update is ready you will also get a notification as well as the Main Menu confirmation.

  • Control Centre Update is unlike any other Updater it’s built for speed with the minimum action so you shortcuts load quickly, you get notifications on the main menu WHEN it’s time to update if you want too.

  • After any Update take a look at the built in user guide to see what's new in more detail, you can read though how to use in detail.

Control Centre Reminder Run Shortcut

  • If Location based running of shortcuts or at a set time is your thing this is for you, however as of yet Shortcuts cannot Automatically Run so this gives a notification for you to press and it will then do as you asked.

Control Centre Screen Report

  • Want to see better looking Reports on Screen with a lot more detail, Screen Reports is used in several Control Centre Shortcuts where (Show Results is just not capable) to show detailed presentations. This shortcut is used as a Pass though shortcut for information only.

showing Control Centre Weather

Control Centre World Airports

  • Stuck somewhere in the world and having difficulty finding another Airport where the may be a flight? This is for you, Search by every county and shows every Domestic Airport and can be shown on a goggle map to. If you know your IATA CODES or not you can see those in alphabetical order too.

Control Centre Tip Calculator

  • Out with friends or Family no problem got it covered, HOWEVER this one is different you can then use Control Centre Contacts to send a text or ask for funds.

Control Centre Websites

  • Just like Control Centre Address Database but to store your favourite websites and view them without leaving shortcuts, it's quick too dependent on the website load times. Want to see RoutineHub in a different way? Top Shortcuts, Trending, Oldest and New Shortcuts is a snipe with this but not obvious on the site. This is a pass though shortcut used for getting information only.

Control Centre Media Frames

  • Take a Screenshot And Add an Apple Product Frame quickly and Automatically without having to interact, makes no difference if you shot it Horizontal or Vertical it will do it for you, it will also give you the Imgur code ready to upload in RoutineHub markdown language.All Frame here are done with this shortcut.

New add Markup before creating the Frame - Load To Imgur to get markdown - User Guide

Note All Apple Product Frames are added using CC Media Frames.

Control Centre Main Menu

  • This is where you chose the shortcut you want to run, or see information in the Dynamic Menu such as Today's Events, Tomorrow's Events, What time will I arrive at Home or Work, no need to Run a shortcut now, just open Control Centre and the information is right there for you.
  • Run shortcuts from the Main Menu
    • Daily Routines
    • Travel
    • Contacts
    • Music | Movies
    • Favourite Websites
    • Systems | Hub
    • Set Reminder
    • Weather
    • Show Preferences
    • Utilises
    • Update Dynamic Menu confirms if you are up to date or available.

New Emergency Contact - Show My Preferences

Control Centre Utilises Menu

## Utilises Menu

  • The User Guide is here to help you and inform you every time a new Update is made to Control Centre
  • The Semi Auto File Checker will Guide you though the process of getting and Control Centre Family shortcut, simply Run it if it stops on a RoutineHub webpage you can download the file that you don't currently have, you will have all shortcuts when it returns directly back to the main menu.
  • Latest update details check the changelog on RoutineHub to see the updates.
  • Love this Shortcut? Leave me a Heart on RoutineHub ### PLEASE
  • Media Frames, is where you can create beautiful Apple Frames around your screenshots.
  • Text Change, use text copied to the clipboard to change, UPPERCASE to lowercase, Capitalise each word and more at the end the text changed I snow on the clipboard.
  • Access to the Tip Calculator.
  • Find my Phone opens the app quickly.
  • Secret Agent - want to be James Bond and send scrambled text to someone? If they also have Control Centre they can convert the text to read it.
  • Coffee Appreciation

New Refreshed look User Guide

Latest Release Notes

13.4 - July 3, 2020, 4:33 p.m.

Corona virus section has been updated due to a change of locations where the data comes from.

Version history