A complete calculator in the Today widget.


This shortcut serves as a fully functional replacement for the built-in iOS calculator. It replicates most of the features of the built-in iOS calculator, plus a few extra functions.

This shortcut is mostly intended for iPadOS, which doesn’t have a built-in calculator app, although iOS users may find some of the more advanced calculations useful.

This shortcut may be run from the Shortcuts widget in the Today view or in the Shortcuts app. Its menus are designed with the widget in mind.

Latest Release Notes

2.5 - July 14, 2020, 9:08 p.m.

Calculating logᵧ(x) now actually performs the calculation instead of just outputting the input.

Conversions between degrees and radians have been fixed.

Menu item names have been tweaked for clarity, and some menu options have been combined.

Superscripts and subscripts in the menus are now written using Unicode characters rather than putting ^ and BASE before normal characters.

The updater now shows the release notes for a new update and uses the shortcuts:// URL scheme to install updates.

Past versions