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Quickly vote for MC servers


Tired of having to open each vote website every time you vote for a Minecraft server? Well, with this shortcut, you can add your favorite server to it and their vote links, and whenever you go to vote for your servers, you pick which server(s) you want to vote for and it’ll pull up all the links up in the shortcuts app and you can vote for the servers.

Next Feature(s):

• Shortcut description for other languages (online)


Updater - Embed-a-Update - @pfg

AirBag Implementation - @MikeBeas

Language Detection - @electricmilk

Idea for recommended servers - @tctalk

IOS 13 Shortcut Only

Latest Release Notes

0.10 - March 10, 2020, 2 a.m.

* Added my support/shortcuts Discord server link to the menu

* Made the shortcut go back to the menu after it is done with an action chosen from the menu

Version history