Speaks out pending rocket launches, and optionally a notification and a reminder alert.


RocketLaunchInfo Haptic Touch notification RocketLaunchInfo lockscreen notification RocketLaunchInfo Generated Reminder with Alert

This shortcut speaks detailed information about upcoming rocket launches from all launching nations or from a single nation of your choice. Optionally, the shortcut then generates a system notification with a photo of the launch vehicle family, as well as a link to watch the launch if available. Note: use haptic touch to see the full notification, as a short click will just bring you to the shortcuts app.

Primary Data is sourced and scrubbed from the @NextLaunch twitter feed. No API or 3rd party apps are required.

This shortcut includes a built-in, simple, and fast update checker. No external updater is required.

Enjoy this and my other speaking shortcuts hosted on RoutineHub. Thanks! - Rick


Latest Release Notes

2.3 - Feb. 25, 2020, 8:20 p.m.

Updater bug fix

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