Copy And Paste A Shortcut

This Shortcut greatly improves your workflow by allowing you to copy actions between shortcuts


Copy and Paste a Shortcut is not compatible with iOS 15 and up due to changes in the App. Unfortunately there is no workaround to fix it

This Shortcut greatly improves your workflow by allowing you to copy and paste blocks of selected actions between shortcuts.

What’s New in version 1.0?

  • ios14 compatible
  • quick paste option
  • added tutorial
  • added settings screen
  • made menus clearer
  • support for copying within the same shortcut (replaces uuids)
  • reduced size of color selector icons so the shortcut takes up less space
  • general optimizations
  • removed confusing copying mode

Copying Actions Between Shortcut

There are two methods of copying actions with Copy and Paste A Shortcut:

  1. Regular Copy (gives options like changing the shortcut’s icon and name) or
  2. Quick Copy (streamlined method with fewer options)

Once you select a copy method, you will be asked to select:

  1. the shortcut you want to copy from;
  2. whether to copy to a new shortcut or an existing one;
  3. If copying to an existing shortcut, the shortcut to paste the copied actions into; and
  4. if you are using regular copy, to select a new icon and name for the copied shortcut.

Due to the restrictions of the shortcuts app, when copying multiple actions between shortcuts, a new shortcut must be created, Copy And Paste A Shortcut will create that new shortcut after the final step above.

Preparing a Shortcut for Copying

You may copy an entire shortcut or just specific actions from the shortcut.

If you want to copy the entire shortcut, you don't need to do any advanced preparation. However, if you want to specify particular actions from a shortcut to copy, you will need to do some quick preparation in the source shortcut before running this one.

In order to specify which actions from a shortcut you want to copy, you need to open the shortcut and place a comment box with the text *** in it before the first action you want to copy and another comment with the text *** after the last action you want to copy (see image below).

If you want to copy actions from multiple locations in your source shortcut, you can add *** comment pairs around each set of actions you want to copy.

Preparing Your Shortcut for Pasting

If you want to paste your copied actions in a specific place in your shortcut, you will need to specify the paste location in advance.

To specify a paste location, before running this shortcut, open the shortcut you want to paste into and insert a comment box with the text +++ in it where you want the text pasted (like in the image below).

If you don't specify a paste location, the copied actions will be pasted at the end of the specified shortcut.

If you specify two paste locations, the actions will be pasted in both locations (but be aware, doing so may cause some shortcuts to not work properly).

Copy Options

Regular Copy

With a regular copy, once you finish selecting your copy/paste shortcuts, a new shortcut must be created with your copied actions.

You will be given the opportunity to select whether to keep the same shortcut icon as one of your source shortcuts or select a new one for the new shortcut.

If you choose to select a new icon, you will be asked to pick the color of the new icon.

After selecting the new icon color, you will be given a list of glyph (icon) categories to pick the new icon from.

Next you will pick a specific icon from the category. It may take a moment for these choices to appear as they are created dynamically on your device.

Next you will be asked to confirm you like the new glyph (icon). If you aren't happy with it, you can change either the color or the glyph until you are happy with the selection.

Next you will be given an opportunity to name your new shortcut. The paste shortcut name is pre-filled by default.

Quick Copy

In a quick copy, you are just asked which shortcut you want to copy from, if you want to create a new shortcut or if you want to paste and, if pasting, which shortcut you want to paste to.

In quick copy, you aren't given the option to customize the icon glyph/color or shortcut name. Additionally, in quick copy, the shortcut will automatically presume that you want the copied text pasted at the end of the shortcut if you don't have a paste action and that you want to copy the entire shortcut if you don't have copy comments.

Final Steps

Once the copy and paste actions have been completed, an alert will appear describing the final steps to you. Follow these steps to finish creating your shortcut with the copied actions.

The link to your new shortcut is copied to your clipboard and opened in safari in the background in case there are any issues automatically opening the new shortcut in Shortcuts. Use that link if the new shortcut doesn't automatically load.

Latest Release Notes

1.1 - Jan. 16, 2021, 9:06 p.m.

added hidden glyphs as shortcut icon option

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