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See your latest RoutineHub stats. Get a quick update on recent downloads and hearts for any user.


This shortcut is designed to work with or without my Listen Launcher voice shortcut, available here.

I built this shortcut to help me keep track of which of my shortcuts are being downloaded. It works well so I decided to share it.

The shortcut will create a report about which shortcuts are being downloaded from a particular user. Hearts are also tracked.


  • Get a report on which shortcuts are being downloaded
  • See new hearts and total hearts
  • Track more than one user
  • Easy selection of users
  • Designed to work with Siri voice control

Each user that you want to track needs to be added.

Disclaimer: Besides being a member, I'm not affiliated with RoutineHub.

Latest Release Notes

0.8.9 - March 24, 2021, 3:02 p.m.

- New link to workaround shortcut not found error condition

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