iOS Skins

Make custom icons for apps!


Say hello to customization.

You want your iOS device to look how you want. Say hello to iOS Skins, a shortcut allowing for custom icons for apps.

The most feature-rich and speedy updater ever.

With QuickUpdate, you get Multi-Decimal & Fully Worded Version support, a vCard menu, tap to check for updates, and more in just 1 tenth of a second.



@Bernzardo - The HTML used in iOS Skins is from his BuildApp shortcut.

@hmh - For creating RoutineHub and this wonderful community.

Important Notice

iOS Skins does not function correctly on iOS 13+. Instead, use nyuszika7h's iOS Skins.

Latest Release Notes

1.221 - Jan. 1, 2020, 1:29 a.m.

Introducing iOS Skins 1.221! This update adds support for tel:(phonenumber), aaaand that’s it! ...yes, there will be more features added, like the other ones Chris suggested. Just in the 1.3 update. I’m working on a new UI for iOS Skins, which will take some time. Don’t worry - i’m making great progress. s0n.

Version history