School Menu

School Menu (for schools with menus thru NutriSlice)


School Menu shows your child's school menu if your school is providing that data through NutriSlice.

There are other options to get this info, but this is much faster and more convenient.

You can opt to:

1) choose from a menu (Breakfast Today, Lunch Today, Breakfast Tomorrow, Lunch Today)

2) skip the menu and automatically get today's lunch menu if before a certain time (default 4pm) or tomorrow's lunch menu if after that time.

You can choose among three output options:

• a notification with a small main picture

• quick look with complete pictures

• spoken results of the menu items only.

To configure, just lookup your menu's URL from Nutrislice by searching first for the school district and then selecting your school. Copy & paste into the Shortcut Setup / Customize Shortcut.


Latest Release Notes

1.3 - Oct. 26, 2018, 12:30 a.m.

• Added ability to change meal names (to other than the default breakfast and lunch) and their corresponding Nutrislice URL portions.
• Updated menu, import questions, and comments accordingly.

Version history