SF Symbol for vCard Menu

used to create and encode an Apple SF Symbol for a vCard menu


A video demonstration of this shortcut is available here (reddit, /shortcuts).

Important Caveat

This shortcut, SF Symbol for vCard Menu uses the Create Icon action included in Toolbox Pro. This action requires the Toolbox Pro Premium in-app purchase.

Toolbox Pro is an amazing utility for the Shortcuts app. If you develop shortcuts, do yourself a big favor and install it today. You'll be amazed how it extends the capability of your shortcuts. Many of the additional actions it provides are free, but as mentioned above some require an in-app purchase.


The purpose of this shortcut is to generate encoded photos suitable for shortcut vCard menus. All photos are based off one of the 1500+ Apple SF Symbols thanks to the Toolbox Pro Create Icon action.

To create a vCard menu, the encoded photo that this shortcut generates can be pasted into the location indicated below (in a Text action).

N;CHARSET=utf-8:Main Text For Item 1;;;;
ORG:Optional sub text for the 1st menu item;

Since the encoded photo is a very long string of text characters, it is more partical to paste the text into a Dictionary action Text value and then reference that dictionary value in Text action. See below for an example.


If you are going to create a shortcut only for yourself and you have made the Toolbox Pro Premium purchase to activate the premium actions (IMHO well worth the nominal cost), the Create Menu action would be the quickest and easiest way to create vCard-style menus. In fact, it appears that the Toolbox Pro author, Alex Hay, is planning to add some additional menu features.

However, if you plan to create and share a shortcut and you can't be certain that the users will have purchased Toolbox Pro Premium, then the approach discussed in the previous section should be used. This is when SF Symbol for vCard Menu becomes useful.


The operation of SF Symbol for vCard Menu is simple:

Using the Encoded Photo

After exiting SF Symbol for vCard Menu, the value in the clipboard can be pasted into a shortcut that includes a vCard menu. Below is such a shortcut named vCard Menu Example.

Adding to the SF Symbol Menu

As mentioned above, SF Symbol names can be typed after selecting [ Type any SF Symbol name ]. However, if there are certain SF Symbols that you use often that are not included on the SF Symbol Menu, you can add them by modifying a Dictionary action that appears near the top of this shortcut. Just be aware, however, that if you reinstall or update SF Symbol names you will loose those additions and need to add them back after the install/update.


When SF Symbol for vCard Menu is opened it renders a menu that gives you quick access to this help and links to Apple and 3rd party SF Symbols information.

Shortcut Testing

SF Symbol for vCard Menu, has been tested with the following:

  • iOS 14.5 beta 5
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPad Pro 10.5"

Shortcut Development and Acknowledgments

Latest Release Notes

2.2 - April 6, 2021, 11:45 p.m.

Bug fix: Selection pages are now advancing properly. [Repeat Index] was changed to [Repeat Index 2] for PaginateList in .libUILibrary.

Version history