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Powerful online and offline UUID generator.


Welcome to UUID Generator!

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This shortcut generates UUID’s offline and online, based on this article.

You can call UUID’s externally via inputs. Supported inputs:
offline input will generate and output a UUID, completely offline
online Input uses an API to generate and output a UUID, but requires internet and occasionally will cause your IP to be rate-limited.
recover Input will recover and output the last UUID generated by either mode.

Everything above is also available inside the UI when launched from the Shortcuts library, or without an input. Without an input, selecting options from the UI will simply copy the UUID to the clipboard.

If you use this in your shortcuts or as a dependency, please credit me with a link to this original shortcut.


Latest Release Notes

2.0 - Jan. 30, 2020, 2:55 a.m.

Upgrade to 2.0 to enjoy these new features:

• Functions for online and offline UUID generation can be called from inside the shortcut or outside with easy built-in input codes as text: online, offline, and recover (to output the last UUID generated). To use a function, simply use a text action with one of the codes, then a Run Shortcut action with the input being the text action with the code you chose. Whenever a new code is generated, regardless of how, it is backed up. Keep that in mind if you plan on making a shortcut that generates multiple at once.
• New modern vCard interface, with toggle for automatic updates. Updates are always skipped when you call a new UUID from outside the shortcut. Dark mode icons coming in a future update.

I can’t wait to see what you build with this! There’s big potential in being able to call a UUID for an infinite number of things!

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