Hue Labs Scenes

Control Hue Labs Scenes by this Shortcut, or get a URL to control from Home Automations.


Hue Labs dynamic living scenes are great but Phillips makes it a bit hard to access and control scenes.

This shortcut will let you start and stop labs scenes,

It's also for copying a URL to use in your own shortcuts/Home Automations. So you can for example use a Get Contents of URL, and for example start the sunset scene when motion is detected. Or you could add it to a Shortcut so you can have a Siri command activate a Labs scene.

Copy CURL to Clipboard

Will copy a CURL off/on command to the Clipboard.


You'll need a Hue API Key, Heres a Shortcut to get one for you

Put that and the IP address in at the dictionary at the beginning of the Shortcut to get started.

Call a lab scene from your Shortcut.

Use Copy to Clipboard in the Hue Labs Scenes Shortcut Put the URL into a URL action Then use the Get Contents as a PUT along with. a JSON request body with a status of 0 or 1.

Latest Release Notes

1.1 - Jan. 14, 2020, 6:12 p.m.

Added copy Curl On/Off to Clipboard

Past versions