Dank Memer

Dank Memer is discontinued as of August 2020


Welcome to Dank Memer!

Dank Memer is Exclusively Available on RoutineHub, if you’ve found Dank Memer on other websites, please notice me. Thanks in advance.

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What is Dank Memer?
Dank Memer is A Feature Rich Shortcut with Memes, Currency Games, Utilities and Much More than you’ll Need.


We Need to Access iCloud Drive to Read and Save Dank Memer’s Data, such as Coins Balance, Items Owned etc.
We Need to Access Notifications to show different text based on your command.
We Need to Access Camera to Scan QR Code with the “pls collect” Command. There Will be a Notification to Tell You when we access to your Camera.


- Use “pls” before any commands. It’s Dank Memer’s Prefix
- Don’t delete Dank Memer Files (iCloud → Shortcuts → DM), or else you will lost your Meme Coins and items.


Dank Memer Runs in English because Pepe doesn’t Understand other Languages.

Contact Us

Email: Press to Send Email
Reddit: ChrisChan218
Discord Server: Press to Join
Discord DM: ChrisChan#6952
Feedback Form: Press to Enter Form

All Commands

Currency Commands

pls daily: claim daily reward which has 500 Coins

pls shop: the shop that has many things like laptop ant stuff, but I’m telling you a secret: the laptop’s quality is vey bad, it breaks easily

pls post memes: post some dank memes with your laptop!

pls collect: have a generous friend? Shows a 4-digit security code and ask your friend to enter it in “pls give” and then $$$

pls give: you must have too much coins and generous, ask your friend to give you a 4-digit security code then enter the amount you want to give. Then Pepe and his tech team will generate a QR Code in 19 milliseconds. Ask your friend to scan it with “pls collect”, then your friend will get the money!

pls work: when it’s your first time using that command, you’ll need to choose a work. If you already chosen a wok, you’ll be doing a few tasks and you’ll get some salary

pls bal: checks your coins balance

pls claim: when you across to a bug in Dank Memer and lost some money, we’ll do a refund, or if you are a beta tester, enter the code given before to claim 1000 coins, or giveaways held in my server...

pls beg: gains 0-58 Coins (5 seconds needed to beg someone)

pls search: gains 0-98 Coins (5 seconds needed to search in the area), but there’s a chance to be crashed by a car, beaten up by a dog...

pls bet: has 40% to win a bet. Buy items from shop to make the percentage higher.

Fun Commands

pls epicgamerrrate: looks like you’re a... noob

pls flip: heads or tails?

Utility commands

pls ball: the magical 8ball powered by Pepe

Other Commands

pls help: shows all available commands and documentation
pls update: uses Speedy Update
pls profile: shows your coin balance, command issued and much more coming out!

Open Dank Memer Now! Requires Dank Memer Downloaded Documentation Version 1.0

Latest Release Notes

Discontinued - Aug. 3, 2020, 11:13 a.m.

Dank Memer is discontinued as of August 2020

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