A simple, easy-to-use Siri Shortcut for everything travel related.



A simple and easy to use Siri Shortcut for everything travel related.

What does it do?

The feature list is still growing, but so far you can:

  • Help manage in-flight entertainment apps and websites
  • Quickly fetch indoor airport maps
  • Find airport codes (yyz, syd etc.)
  • Book hotels, flights and rental cars
  • Remind you to bring travel documents
  • Track flights

And more to come!


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Why should I use this shortcut?

In short, it makes travelling a lot more simple by helping with routines that are normally required for travelling.

Can I use this if I am not travelling by plane?

At the moment, no. However, if enough people ask (see contact methods in the shortcut), I will add more transport options (cruise, long haul trains etc.)

Anything else I should know?

For one, this is a BETA and may have bugs, glitches and missing features.

Secondly, let me know any requests or bug reports you have in the contact page in the app.

Any updaters to download?

This Shortcut uses Swing Updater E, so you don’t need to download a seperate shortcut. Embed it into your shortcut by clicking this link.

Can I donate?

Yes! I currently accept cryptocurrency donations.

BTC: bc1qphtnlt70w6pg434jmx0rsh5j299pny8cgxw0fq

ETH: 0xae19beb39E6ccF5a2Ed080a0C9b34D3145214a62

DOGE: DDChDg5i3wwBTJiEogM253EZ6fAqW6kQAq

Hope this shortcut will help at least one person in their travels. Enjoy!

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Latest Release Notes

2020.beta9 - July 14, 2020, 6:03 a.m.

I’m back! This will be my last beta update before 2020.release1, where I’ll be adding tons of new features.

Added in this version
- Removed the (admittedly too aggressive) COVID-19 alert
- Reverted from a contacts based menu to a Shortcuts based menu
- Added a COVID-19 Travel Restrictions option (powered by Kayak)
- Updated the email address

Version history