Shuffle Albums

Shuffles random full albums in your Apple Music library


Apple Music allows you to shuffle your library by song, but not shuffle full albums (play a random album in full, then another random album, etc). Shuffle Albums gives you this feature. It prompts you via Siri to specify how many albums you want to shuffle, then adds that number of random albums from your library to your Up Next list and starts playback. You may also pass a number into Shuffle Albums (from another shortcut or an automation) to specify the number of albums to play, bypassing Siri dictation. You can filter out unwanted genres, specific albums, artists, etc. by modifying the filters to suit your needs. Example filters are provided to filter out holiday music and children’s music.

You may also wish to download Skip Album, a companion shortcut that does what it says:

Now with more accurate artist matching (compilations will work correctly now) and now with UpdateKit support. Download UpdateKit here and you can easily keep Shuffle Albums up to date:

Latest Release Notes

2.6 - Feb. 17, 2020, 5:12 p.m.

- Corrected the filtering out of the current album. No longer using release date, which may not have a value.

Version history