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Welcome to WallWeather!

This shortcut was a longtime project with various people helping to develop, test, and fine tune the settings and different perspectives of the shortcut.

Instructions for use:

  • Run the shortcut and see if it determines your device type

  • If it cannot determine your device (typically only on XR / 11 or XS Max / 11 Pro Max) then it will ask you to confirm your device. This will only happen if you do not have a screenshot saved on your device

  • You then have the option to choose from four different image overlays (Google, Bing, iOS, and Sun/Moon Info). This is what will be shown on top of the image you choose

  • You will have a choice to be prompted for deletion of the image after 15 seconds of creation (to give enough time to set it as your wallpaper)

  • That’s pretty much it! Let me know if you have issues with it and I’ll work on a fix

NOTE: this shortcut is currently only programmed to work on iPhone. iPad support may be coming in the future.

Shoutout to the following users from Reddit: u/bj39011 u/gianflo6 u/GamerDad87

Anybody I missed, sorry for that, but thank you for your help!

More updates will come in the future for various fixes (if needed), so stay tuned with your updater.

Below are examples of what the wallpaper looks like (with your image and location of course)


Google Weather Google

Bing Weather Bing

iOS Weather iOS

Sun/Moon Info Sun/Moon

Download the LightningUpdate shortcut to always make sure you have the latest version


Latest Release Notes

1.07 - Sept. 17, 2020, 2:22 a.m.

Version 1.07 Release Notes
- Swing E incorporated
- Bug fixes and long overdue feature changes
- The shortcut isn't much use anymore in iOS 14 due to the widgets being more useful but some may still like it or for iOS 13 users

- Total Actions: #542
- Created on iOS 14.0
- Released at Sep 16, 2020

Version history