HomePod Notification Recorder

Record Siri for HomePod Notifications in HomeKit!


Have you ever wanted to make Siri on your HomePod say something when the state of your home changes? like, have you ever wanted Siri to say "the back door is open" when someone comes in through the door? Or that your spouse has made it home? well this shortcut i have designed has made this process SUPER easy.

Here is how it works. first, follow the prompts to select a sound (or don't, I'm not your dad) then enter a phrase you would like Siri to say. Start recording your screen on your iPhone, and BLAM Part 1 is done!

Next, the shortcut should restart, if not select the encode audio option. select your screen recording. This will take the video you recorded and convert it to audio. You then select where you would like to save it, and you have finished Part 2!

Finally, load up the file on your machine into iTunes or Apple Music (if you are on Catalina) and synchronize this to your iCloud Music Library. There you go! your notification has been added to your library for you to trigger with automatons!

Latest Release Notes

1.1 - Jan. 28, 2020, 12:17 a.m.

Added an alert!

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