virtual bank

count your hidden cash hehe


this only supports my country’s currency (BHD), though you can edit it to however you’d like

This was made for when you want to save cash in hidden place quickly so that you don't get caught

With this shortcut, just hide your cash quickly and then come here and update. You don't need to lock your door while counting your saved cash anymore hehehehe!

if you encounter the “untrusted shortcut” problem then go to settings > shortcuts > enable ”untrusted shortcuts”

if the toggle isn’t shown (happens if there are no shortcuts) then add a your-own shortcut temporarily and put any action in it, and then run it and go back to settings and kaboom! you can remove the temporary shortcut after that

Latest Release Notes

2.0 - March 5, 2022, 1:36 a.m.

Changed the whole backup and restore method as I recently investigated that backup files became very large in sizes (from 1-5 KB to 2 GB lol) which also slowed down the shortcut by ALOT.

Version history