Update,Embed,Publish Updates,Check For Updates Without Running Your Shortcuts!!


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Now you can update your shortcuts from the RoutineHub & Shareshortcuts website with one of the fastest shortcut.

Why R⤓Updater?

There are so many shortcut updators out there, so what makes R⤓Updater different than others?

It runs extremely smooth, fast, beautiful, functional, and powerful

R⤓Updater is the only shortcut that supports all of these features in one shortcut:


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Faster
  • Check For Updates Without Running Your Shortcuts
  • Embed R⤓Updater In Your shortcut !!
  • Release Updates To RoutineHub
  • Supports shareshortcuts and RoutineHub
  • R⤓Updater Engine
  • Support All Versions


  • English
  • Arabic


One of the fastest shortcuts out there for updating shortcuts




Check For Updates Without Running Your Shortcuts
R⤓Updater CFU Feature


How do I update shortcuts without running them?


The first method: you add a dictionary in a place in your shortcut (you do not need any other actions or a special dictionary). You can use the main dictionary, it doesn't matter!

The dictionary should consist of:

  • Name
  • Version
  • RH ID

As shown in the picture: dicti


Bulk Search is R⤓Updater’s bread and butter, allowing you to check all of your Shortcuts for updates at once. This is achieved by parsing every Shortcut in your library and fetching the data stored in a ”Comment Action” at the top or Anywhere. This is the only thing you’ll need to add in order for UpdateHub to fetch the latest updates from RoutineHub.

And shortcuts that support the special UpdateHub method, which adds comments, and so on. I have added this method, and if you are wondering what the method is, the way is to add a comment anywhere in the shortcut that consists of as shown in the following picture:



Current Version: "Shortcut VERSION"
RoutineHub ID: "Shortcut ID"


Embed R⤓Updater

R⤓Updater Embed is an updater like no other. Instead of requiring users download an extra shortcut to update yours, R⤓Updater is embedded directly into your shortcut.

Why R⤓Updater Embed?

There are so many different updaters, all requiring people to download a different shortcut just to check for updates. Why not have an updater that doesn't require any downloads?

R⤓Updater Embed is an updater that gets embedded inside your shortcut. When people run your shortcut, even if it's the only shortcut they have installed, it just works.

R⤓Updater Embed only takes 21 actions to use in your shortcut. This shortcut can be used to automatically add those actions.

Less actions than Embed-an-Update, Swing Updater E!

How To Embed? Just add a Comment in you shortcut like: Embed Comment

Anywhere in your shortcut and then run R⤓Updater then Select Embed then choose your shortcut that you want to embed !!

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10.1 - Nov. 29, 2020, 8:45 p.m.

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