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With iDetector you can quickly find if a service is online, offline or has some potential problems. If the service you looked for has some issues, iDetector finds the users' most reported problem using the site of downdetector as source.


What can I search?



iDetector currently supports 21 zones



Feel free to ask me some zones writing a feedback or direct messaging me on Reddit


iDetector takes data from the site of and checks if some problems or issues have been reported by users, and tells you if the service is online, offline or potentially down. The site where the shortcut takes data is divided by zones, so your researches will be more detailed. iDetector currently supports 21 zones but more will be added soon. Feel free to request some zones.


Important Notes
  • Some services aren't available on every zone's site. In order of this you may have to look for what you was looking for in another different zone


  • ROP for mockups and banner
  • Freepik for the flag icons
  • D3W10 for some tips in CSS and for his Swing Updater





Latest Release Notes

2.0.1 - Oct. 6, 2020, 7:47 a.m.

In this version has been added support for Romania (thanks to u/minimaly for the request)

Version history