iOS Public Beta News

Speaks latest unheard news about Apple iOS Public Betas


iOS Public Beta News

This shortcut pulls the latest headline and optionally the full article about Apple iOS public betas from Gadgethacks, a site that consistently and quickly releases news about iOS beta releases. If you have not heard the headline on a past shortcut run, it will speak it to you, together with the option to hear the full article. If you have previously heard the headline, the shortcut will do nothing. This is a great addition to a daily routine to be alerted about iOS public beta releases.

This shortcut includes a built-in, simple, and fast update checker. No external updater is required.

Enjoy this and my other speaking shortcuts hosted on RoutineHub. Thanks! - Rick


Latest Release Notes

1.3 - May 13, 2020, 3:40 p.m.

Added option to hear full article after headline

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