Siri PT

Make Siri your personal trainer!


Siri PT allows you to make your own routines and then Siri will talk you through each exercise, prompting you when to rest, start again and giving each exercise.

You can create your own routines and manage these within the Shortcut: - you can rename all routines - finished with one? Delete it. - edit routines by changing the exercise or rest times or even change the order. - preview a routine before you undertake it - can’t think of any routines? Download one of the ones provided with the Shortcut. (New ones will be made every so often too)

Dark Mode ready too!

Default exercises, with icons, provided with the Shortcut.

Latest Release Notes

2.6 - Sept. 4, 2020, 9:29 a.m.

- mainly bug fixes
- fixed a few iOS 14 problems.
- removed references to music playing (doesn’t work well with music stopping all the time)

Version history