Coronavirus Stats

Coronavirus Stats displays up-to-date statistics about the virus


Coronavirus Stats shows you up-to-date statistics about the COVID-19 virus for the world as well as your choice of countries and other locations:

  • the current population
  • the percentage of the population that has been infected with COVID-19, both overall and currently
  • the number of all-time cases, active cases, closed cases, critical cases, percent of critical cases, deaths and recoveries
  • the current death and recovery rate, both overall and among only closed cases
  • the total number of tests and percent positive
  • the amount each of these stats has changed since the last run
  • the time when last run and how many hours/minutes ago it was run

If you are interested in using the workflow features there is a comment item near the beginning that explains the options available to you. You pass in a dictionary item with your choice of settings when you run it from your shortcut. The return is a list where the first item is the report and the 2nd and subsequent items are dictionaries containing the core date for each location you requested.

Known Issues:

  • This shortcut may not work when run from an automation or via Siri. It will either do nothing or report an “XPC connection to the extension was interrupted” error. I believe this issue only occurs when your iPhone is locked.

What this Shortcut requires your permission for and why:

  • It will request access to iCloud Files. Note that giving it this permission only allows it access to the Shortcuts folder in iCloud Files. This is where the Shortcut stores your location settings, the data history files for each location and a skip version file if you choose to skip an update you are notified about.

  • It will request your permission to access the following websites. and These are the sources of the base stats used by the Shortcut. It will also request your permission to access to check for updates to the Shortcut.

Coronavirus Stats

Coronavirus Stats utilizes and for its information.

Latest Release Notes

3.3 - March 18, 2021, 3:04 p.m.

- fixes issue with internet connection check

Version history