Baby progress updater

Compiled update message on newborn baby to send detailed update to family


One of the things I found I never had enough time for was updating friends and family as much as they wanted me to on my sons progress in NICU. Because of that, I made a shortcut that asks a series of questions and compiles it into a message, which it sends to whoever you select individually!

The shortcut saves files to your iCloud to refer back to - things like your babies gender and name (which make the message more bespoke), and previous weight, oxygen level, bottle feeding etc to keep track of progress. You then select from your contacts who you want to send it to (and it stores that list, too), and in a few simple questions you’ve updated everyone who wants to know!

I had originally made a simple one just for my needs, but I wanted to make something that people on here might find useful - so I made it more complicated to allow for what other babies might require.

I hope it helps people keep their families informed more easily!

Here’s a screenshot of an example message it can create:

Also - unfortunately it’s only in metric units. I’m not sure how to do the shortcut in imperial yet but I’ll try find out how if people want that

Latest Release Notes

1.06 - March 10, 2020, 4:31 a.m.

Mild improvements to patching process

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