3B6-RA-7 SWGoH-Bot

A SWGoH a tool for iOS that contains many functions of Discord Bots


3B6-RA-7, the SWGoH-Bot directly on your iPhone!

This tool contains many functions you need if you're playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes like SHORTCoUnTerS, SWGOH RSS Feed and SWGoH Events Calendar.

New Content

Now you can see the detailed stats of your units directly on your iphone just like a Discord bot.

More features are in progress, stay tuned!

Updates via SwingUpdater

Mockups made with MediaKit

Latest Release Notes

1.22 - March 27, 2020, 4:11 a.m.

• FIX: Player Profile Request fixed
• Small change: Notification Sounds disabled
• NEW: Numbers of 6-dot Mods added to your Player Profile
• NEW: Now you can check other Players profile (Ally Code needed)
• NEW: Check other Players Units (Ally Code needed)

Version history