Roku Voice

Control your Roku device with your voice!


Roku Voice - A multi-shortcut Roku controller.

Roku Voice allows you to speak to your Roku device and perform several types of actions. You can say things like, "Launch Plex," "Netflix and Chill," or "Pause Roku." You can perform a search in Roku with whatever keywords you like by saying something like "Search for" followed by the keywords. This Shortcut can also add and remove Roku devices to control, as well as Channels to launch. It uses a JSON database stored in an iCloud folder to maintain your devices and channels. The actions themselves use Roku's Web API to send commands to your device (using its IP).

To Install:

  • Download Roku Voice and run it.
  • On initial run, it will install the setup shortcut, which will guide you through the rest of the setup, including adding your first device, channel, and installing specific actions.

To use:

  • Launch Roku Voice and say a command.
  • To change Roku device
  • You can say things like: "Switch to Living Room," or "Change Servers," or "Swap device to Bedroom"
  • To change Roku channels
  • Say something like: "Launch Plex," or "Change channel to Netflix." Using the name of the channel directly will work as well.
  • To turn the Roku off/on
  • Try saying: "TV on," or "Roku off."
  • To play or pause Roku
  • Simply say: "Play" or "Pause"
  • To Search Roku
  • Say: "Search" followed by the keywords.
  • "Look for" or "Find" will also work.


  • Set a Siri Shortcut to trigger Roku Voice with a phrase like "Hey Roku."
  • The voice detection works by identifying key words that correspond to specific actions, then those actions parse out the remaining commands and "does stuff" to your Roku. It may be possible to offload the voice detection to another JSON file and allow the user to add different key words.

This Shortcut is a work in progress. More commands will be added and logic improvements will be made and distributed through RoutineHub. If anyone is interested in contributing to this shortcut, please let me know!

Credit to u/Bradart and u/raygan for inspiring this project.

Latest Release Notes

1.5 - Oct. 25, 2018, 9:33 p.m.

Switched to git for static file handling.

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