Flight Interruptions

When flights cancel, this shortcut helps find alternatives






Check out the walkthrough Video.

When you first run the shortcut it will prompt you to set your “home” airport code.

You’ll be prompted with a departure airport and a destination airport.

The default search is a one way flight, with one guest.

// Departure Airport * Prompt for airport code

// Destination Airport * Prompt for airport code

// Travel date * Today * Tomorrow * Choose date

// Would you like to exclude certain airlines or partnerships? * (WS Partners) without AC * (WS Partners) without WS & AC * Any Airline

// Would you like to expand your search to include a secondary airport? * Continue with Search * Add 2nd Airport code

// Select Economy cabin or select another cabin class. * Economy Cabin * Premium Economy * Business Class * First Class

// Would you like the Current Flight Delay report & Weather in (Destination)? * Continue (without Weather) * Yes (FlightAware & FlightStats)

Weather in destination: Images from searches are combined and a quick look is presented. (You could save or share the image before continuing).

Exclude airlines: Air Canada & WestJet are the two major airlines in Canada. This option lets you select to include or exclude either airline.

Similar Airports: Add in an airport code to have it added in the Destination search.

Regardless of cabin class, the result will appear in the shortcuts app.

Similar to how you can customize a home airport. In the future I’d like to have this shortcut show you all the flights a specific airline has partnerships with. Different airlines have different partnerships, and depending on why your flight is cancelled can alter your options.

Latest Release Notes

4.7 - Oct. 29, 2018, 10:01 p.m.

Fixed: Current Delay report & Weather in destination when adding a second airport searches.

Version history