Quick and Easy build navigation route


The fastest and Easiest way to build a route to various destinations using Waze, Apple Maps or Google Maps.


  • Can run with import data or standalone with picker menu
  • Auto-detect addresses from input data
  • Navigate to destination sharing from:
  • Contact cards, Calendar events, other Maps
  • URLs, selected Text and others
  • Select from all assigned saved addresses if many
  • Manual input text, paste from clipboard or even say by voice
  • Supports Home and Work favorites
  • English and Russian languages

screenshot menu

Latest Release Notes

1.6 - March 29, 2021, 7:56 p.m.

Shortcut rename
New functions
+ Added Favorites section
- Add, edit or delete records
- Enter text or assign address from contact to add new favorite
- All records save to file with auto address detection
- Useful icons
+ Can change travel way from Settings - Drive or Walk
+ Simple check update
! Updated main menu and notifications
- Add menu descriptions
- Auto display in menu description: Clipboard preview, Calendar events count, Add favorites counts
- Better icons
! Better auto address recognition from input or entered data
Internal and code changes
! Rebuild and optimized configuration files and shortcut setting
! Updated language dictionary, descriptions and translation
! Navigation app final URL improvement (to run app after shortcut)
! General improvements

Version history