Coronavirus Curve (broken)

Graph the trend of COVID-19 cases for over 4,000 locations. Requires Charty app.



  • This shortcut is no longer functioning because of changes in the source data format.
  • The shortcut will have to be largely rewritten to accommodate these changes.
  • It is unclear when the new shortcut will be available

The information below is for historical purposes...

This shortcut will produce a chart showing the rate of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in a region using data obtained from the Corona Data Scraper project.

Please note: This shortcut requires the Charty app. Visit the Charty website to for more information.


  • Global, US states and US counties
  • Over 4,000 locations
  • Plot confirmed cases, active cases, deaths and more*
  • Quick access to your recent locations
  • Quick access to coronavirus "hot spots"
  • Select from bar or line charts
  • Chart up to 2 series at once
  • Select the number of days to plot
  • Logarithmic or actual scale
  • Optional 7-day moving average

*Subject to a location's data availability

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Latest Release Notes

0.10.2 - June 9, 2020, 10:59 p.m.

- 7-day moving average is labeled as "7-day avg." in chart legend
- Default chart type set to "bar chart with 7-day average" for new users

Version history