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Test Circle

Helps understand why the Circle with Disney internet filter may be blocking you


The shortcut works just fine out-of-the-box, but if the site it uses to check the circle is blocked, you will need to manually change the url at the top of the shortcut. To use, just run the shortcut. Please contact me for support or a hotfix.

Terms of Use
  • Do not redistribute, modify, or remix this shortcut without my permission.
  • Do not copy any portion of the code.
  • The Author is not responsible for any misuse or abuse of this shortcut.
  • You accept that these terms may change at any time.
  • Alternative Versions:
  • Test Circle [S]
  • NSFW Test Circle

  • Latest Release Notes

    2.4 - Sept. 23, 2020, 6:04 a.m.

    iOS 14

    Past versions