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For users

By downloading, you accept the terms of use.

Terms of use:
  • Do not redistribute, modify, or remix this shortcut without my permission. (That only excludes sharing the official RoutineHub link.)
  • Do not copy any portion of the code.
  • @Someone is not responsible for any misuse or abuse of this shortcut.
  • This shortcut allows your shortcuts to have secure passwords. You may setup a password manually, or a shortcut may configure its own password. All passwords are encrypted. To setup a password for a shortcut that supports PassKit: Run the shortcut, and it will ask you for a password. If it prompts you for a "Facade" password afterward, that Shortcut’s dev has written some code that presents a fake version of the shortcut if that password is inputted, like a "safeword" to let the shortcut know you are being watched or controlled. Please contact me for support or a bug fix update.

    For developers

    An integration demo is available here.

    Release notes (and some announcements):

    If I can get 50 signatures, I will make a security update that might thwart all attempted clones of this project. (I already have a general idea.)


    PassKit uses any of these updaters to stay updated. I am open to additional updater suggestions.

  • Get UpdateKit (optional)
  • Get Swing Updater (optional)

  • Thanks for keeping up to date with the official version of PassKit.

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    2.0332 - July 6, 2020, 7:05 p.m.

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