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This shortcut has not been verified for use on iOS 15 or MacOS Monterey. It will be updated shortly the official release of these updates. You can try to use it on the betas, but it is not guaranteed to work.

For users

By downloading, you accept the terms of use.

Terms of Use
  • Do not redistribute, modify, or remix this shortcut without my permission.
  • Do not copy any portion of the code.
  • The Developer is not responsible for any misuse or abuse of this shortcut.
  • You accept that these terms may change at any time.
  • This shortcut allows your shortcuts to have secure passwords. You may setup a password manually, or a shortcut may configure its own password. All passwords are encrypted. To setup a password for a shortcut that supports PassKit: Run the shortcut, and it will ask you for a password. If it prompts you for a "Facade" password afterward, that Shortcut’s dev has written some code that presents a fake version of the shortcut if that password is inputted, like a "safeword" to let the shortcut know you are being watched or controlled. Please contact me for support or a bug fix update.

    For developers

    An integration demo is available here.

    If you would like to include VerifyKit in your shortcut to verify PassKit, please use this demo instead.

    Integrations (Optional)

    Thanks for keeping up to date with the official version of PassKit.

    Latest Release Notes

    2.0410 - Nov. 29, 2020, 10:37 p.m.

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