Embed R⤓Updater in your shortcut


R⤓Updater Embed is an updater like no other. Instead of requiring users download an extra shortcut to update yours, embed-a-update is embedded directly into your shortcut.

Why R⤓Updater Embed?

There are so many different updaters, all requiring people to download a different shortcut just to check for updates. Why not have an updater that doesn't require any downloads?

R⤓Updater Embed is an updater that gets embedded inside your shortcut. When people run your shortcut, even if it's the only shortcut they have installed, it just works.

R⤓Updater Embed only takes 17 actions to use in your shortcut. This shortcut can be used to automatically add those actions.

Less actions than Embed-an-Update, Swing Updater E!

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Latest Release Notes

2.4 - Jan. 29, 2021, 6:40 p.m.

• Minor fix

- Total Actions: #35
- Created on iOS 14.3
- Released at 29 Jan 2021

- POWERED BY R⤓Updater

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