MobileGestalt Device Info

Get device information from the MobileGestalt private library


Back in March 2020 u/gianflo6 published a shortcut in a comment that showed how to read the cached file.

Intrigued, I looked into it, and although the information in it seemed relevant, the dictionary keys were annoyingly obfuscated. Fortunately I found this fascinating blog post by /u/timacfr where he deobfuscated most of them, so I decided to, based on that information, do this shortcut.

The shortcut outputs a readable version of the CacheExtra key/dictionary in, which contains interesting information about each device.

A long time ago I did a shortcut to get information about each device, but it depended on JavaScript used for web tracking, so it stopped working when Apple brought the hammer down. Maybe it's time to resuscitate this old shortcut?

Binary data

Since version 1.2.0 the binary data in the dictionary is formatted as an hexadecimal string.


  "MainScreenStaticInfo": {
    "__type__": "data",


"MainScreenStaticInfo": "00080000ac0a00000801000000000040db0fc93f0b000000",

This change makes easier to find some interesting data. For example, the MainScreenStaticInfo subkey above includes information about the screen of my iPad Pro 12.9": real width (0x00000800 = 2048), real height (0x00000aac = 2732), and pixel density (0x00000108 = 264)

Latest Release Notes

1.2.0 - Jan. 1, 2021, 1:19 p.m.

JSON output is now formatted before being saved to iCloud Drive. New Quick View option in the menu. Also, base64-encoded data is now converted to an hexstring.

Version history