COVID-19 Stats

Get latest stats for Coronavirus


Fun shortcut which can be used to fetch latest CORVID-19 infection info.

Requires: - Permission to access and write to a text file stored in iCloud Drive to save shortcut defaults and historical corona stats - File needs to be located in shortcuts backup folder in a subdirectory "/Shortcuts/Corvid-19 Stats/Defaults.txt". This will be auto created if it does not exist. - Permission to receive data from a few websites (which I have not investigated thoroughly). Data received is json text for raw data, and then URLs for flags and graphs.;;

Allows: - Setting a list of defaults (add & remove). - Fetching and display of default list of countries. - Custom selecting a single country to fetch data for. - Fetch aggregated global stats

Based on "Get CORVID-19 Updates" shortcut created by @Sharpguru. Thanks and credit to you! Customized and extended by Andy Nel (07/04/2020)

Latest Release Notes

1.6 - June 4, 2020, 8:57 p.m.

- bug fixes

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