Music Bookmark

Simplest shortcut to bookmark your music for special moments


Music Bookmarks

(Running on SoundCloud)

Remember in the last epic TV series you watched, and the characters always had the perfect music at the perfect moment?

Now you have it too.


Store your music one button away, and when the time is right (e.g. romantic dance, thoughtful moment, etc...) you can have the perfect music.

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To Bookmark your music

  1. Find the soundcloud URL of your music
  2. Search for your music on
  3. Once you have the music URL, edit the shortcut:
    1. Open the shortcut in edit mode (3 dots on top-right corner of shortcuts icon)
    2. Click on "+ Add new item" in the first Dictionary (feel free to remove the other pre-placed entries)

    3. For Individual Music:
      • Insert text into your dictionary
      • Input the Music Name and Music URL [demo]

      For Music in a Category:
      • Insert dictionary into your dictionary
      • Input the Menu Name
      • Click on the "items" as shown in image below
      • Insert text into into the nested dictionary [demo]
  4. Save your Shortcut code
  5. Music Bookmark is ready to be used

Walking with the wise

Your feedbacks help improve Music Bookmark,
please feel free to flag bugs or suggest
improvements in the feedback section below!

Latest Release Notes

2.00 - April 20, 2020, 12:27 p.m.

Uses Soundcloud URL instead of Music ID
- Much easier bookmarking of music

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