Shazam & Discover, Open, Save, Search, Find Lyrics or Share a Song!


Shazam++ (v4.2)

NOW w/ All New Design Overhaul to Celebrate 1000+ Downloads in the BIGGEST Update yet.


Shazam++ is a Powerful Shortcut that can be used for anything you need to do after you Shazam a Song.


IOS 14 Support Coming this Month! Please DO NOT download if you have updated (Many features are broken).


To use, just Activate this shortcut when a song is playing to Discover the song with a Custom notification of the name and artwork. Then Choose where to open the Link or Use a wide range of other Features. (All Links Open In-App)


  • YouTube
  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • Shazam
  • Song.Link
  • Custom (Choose your own Music App)
  • NEW__ More Links__ (Direct Links to Every Music Platform via Odesli)*

Multiple Ways to Open Links!


  • *NEW About Me
  • Search for Updates
  • Get detailed info of the Song
  • *NEW View Artist
  • *NEW Other Songs by Artist
  • *NEW Look at Artwork
  • *NEW Watch Music Video
  • Siri Karaoke
  • Find Lyrics & Add to Notes
    (Inspired by ‘I am Genius from @ROP’)
  • *NEW Custom Share Sheet
  • Copy to Clipboard
  • *BONUS Share Any Music URL using this Shortcut to Choose from a list of Platforms to Open the Song.
  • w/ Several Share Options, Menu Icons & MORE

Menus Row 1

Menus Row 2

Menus Row 3

Graphics Created with MediaKit.

No Third-Party Updater required. 
This Shortcut comes with integrated update functionality via Embed-a-update!

Made By Zeeshan02

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Latest Release Notes

4.2.7 - June 15, 2020, 2:39 a.m.

Change Log (v4.2.7):
•Replaced Embed-a-update with a custom Embedded Updater
•Updates can now be searched much faster
•Added vCard Icons to Update Prompt
•Now Update Release Dates are shown
•Fixed issue when No Available Links are found, the Shortcut was abruptly stopped
•Fixed My Other Shortcuts not being Downloaded Properly
•Bug fixes & Minor Changes

Change Log (v4.2):
•Added ‘My Other Shortcuts’ to Options
•Added Fancy vCard icons to Social Media and More Links menus!
•You can now rearrange the order of ‘More Links’ using the Platforms dictionary
•Added Back button to More Links.
•Now the Correct User Country Is always used when finding Song Links
•Various Bug fixes and Optimisations

New Features (v4.0):
•Biggest Update Yet
-Completely Overhauled Design and Revamped Menu Navigation
•Introduced About Me Option
-Shows Details about the Shortcut
•Links now Open Directly
-Improved links on YouTube/Spotify etc. to open the song directly rather than only searching for the song
•New View Artist feature
-Discover more from the Song’s Artist and quickly find their Wikipedia, Social Media, View their Other songs or Share.
•New More Links
-Choose from a list of every platform a Link to the song was found on without visiting an external site
•New Share Menu and Updated Options
-Includes Send via Messages/WhatsApp, Add to Notes and More

Past versions