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Song.Link; easily Convert and Share Links between Streaming Platforms

Image of everything the Shortcut includes

I'll try to keep it short!

Video of the Shortcut in action

This shortcut uses the Song.Link (now API to fetch the Links to other Streaming Platforms.

Input can be an URL either as Shortcut Input, from your Clipboard or you can type it in manually. You can also use your currently playing Song, Shazam one or search it on the iTunes Store.


You will then be presented with all the Streaming Platforms and if the API has found a link for them. If no link was found you can still select the option. The shortcut will then create a link that opens the chosen streaming platform and automatically pastes the Title of the song into the search bar.

Streaming Platforms

After Selecting a Platform you will be presented with a Share Sheet with basic options. You can select the "Share" option to open up another Share Sheet that contains every option I could think of. The Artwork will be downloaded in a fitting Resolution (Instagram & Twitter). For the others it is set to 1500x1500 but that and the image format can be changed in the shortcut.

Extended Share Sheet

Hope you enjoy the Shortcut!


Some extra Info for those interested:

The artwork will be downloaded from the iTunes API, as it is the source that is easiest to use and provides the highest quality artworks(up to 4000x4000 pixels from what I've seen, for artist artwork even 6802x6802 (lady gaga), which used an incredible 55mb when downloaded as a .png)

The Instagram+ option im the Share Sheet is actually a modified Version of my AM to Insta 3.3 shortcut that will automatically take the logo of the platform you selected, you can modify everything in a dictionary at the top of the shortcut.

The API outputs weird Apple Music URLs, the shortcut will replace them with the normal URLs for you.

Before downloading the Artwork the shortcut will countercheck the chosen link with the api to try and get the correct artwork (I've had it happen once that I shared a song from apple music and when sharing the spotify link that would have a different artwork, the implemented method should fix that issue, although I can't guarantee it)

You can theoretically use this shortcut as a version of HighResArtwork that works for all streaming platforms by setting the value for Resolution to something like 10000 (you can do this in a dictionary at the very top of the Shortcut). But I'll probably update that Shortcut anyways in the next few days.

For the AM to Insta part I actually used my Poster to Insta shortcut as a base because it's more optimized and shorter. This is also why Artwork is called Poster in the shortcut.

The vCard icons for shortcut input and clipboard are actually taken from the shortcuts app itself, which is also why they aren't in a very high resolution.

The Graphics in this post were created with MediaKit.

Also sorry for the bad formatting, I've never used routinehub before

Latest Release Notes

4.2 - Nov. 7, 2021, 3:55 p.m.

- If you open the url the shortcut will now exit directly instead of showing the menu again
- If you want the menu to show again you can make the shortcut do so, by setting Open=Exit to false in the dictionary at the top of the shortcut

Version history