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4.2 4 weeks ago
iOS 15
- If you open the url the shortcut will now exit directly instead of showing the menu again
- If you want the menu to show again you can make the shortcut do so, by setting Open=Exit to false in the dictionary at the top of the shortcut


4.1 1 month ago
iOS 15
- Updated a Run Shortcut action to run the correct shortcut
- If no link is found the "query" link will also include the artist, this should make it easier to find the correct song, even if the api can't find a link


4.0 1 month, 1 week ago
iOS 15
- Fixed Shortcut not working sometimes (hopefully 🤞)
- Fixed even more small bugs
- Added lots of Customization:
You can now skip any menu and tell the Shortcut which option it should choose for you. All adjustable in a dictionary at the top of the dictionary
(press the 3 dots in the top right of the shortcut to open it, within the shortcuts you'll find the dictionary and comments explaining how to use it)


3.0 1 month, 2 weeks ago
iOS 15
- fixed a few tiny errors which were introduced due to logic changes in iOS 15
- Removed the Instagram+ Share option to cut down the Shortcut in hopes of getting it to run more stable
- If you get the error: "There was a problem running the shortcut "Song.Link"", then this is due to iOS 15 and has nothing to do with the shortcut. I tried to limit this by removing the Instagram+ option...


2.0.1 8 months, 2 weeks ago
iOS 14
New link, since all old ones are down


2.0 1 year, 7 months ago
iOS 13
1. Under my last (reddit) post there was a lot of discussion on wether you need to press too many buttons or not. As I feel that for the amount of options this shortcut offers you have just enough buttons, I also see that many people might just need a shortcut that copies the url of their chosen platform to the clipboard without any interaction. **This is possible with this update!** You'll find a dictionary at the top where you can enter your streaming platform and the sharing option you'd like to pick and the shortcut will do exactly that for you (I've also created some example presets)
2. There's also been the request that the shortcut should automatically skip the input menu if you use it from the share sheet, you can also turn this feature on and off within the shortcut, by default it’s set to true.
3. Since yesterday the Song.Link API returned different error codes from time to time. This shortcut will also handle those
4. Since about the same time the API also stopped returning the pageUrl of the website. This shortcut will somewhat handle this error (instead of just giving an error that no url was found). You will be asked if you'd like to open their website and the Title by Artist will be pasted to your clipboard, so you can at least quickly search for the website link yourself


1.0 1 year, 7 months ago
iOS 13
Created this shortcut!