Turnip Tracker for ACNH

Keeps track of all things related to the Turnip Stock Exchange


May not function properly, haven’t updated in a solid minute but still might!

What does it do?

  • Records and saves turnip prices
  • Predicts your profits in Safari using TurnipProphet.io
  • Automatically checks for updates using an integrated version of QuickUpdate which handles all things update related without extra stuff!

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How to use?

  • If it is your first time using Turnip Tracker all necessary items are added to Data Jar.
  • Make sure to download Data Jar before using this shortcut!
  • To record the selling price for Turnips, select "Record Prices" and select the days/times you wish to log.
  • To set the previous week's pattern, select "Change Pattern"
  • To predict Turnip prices, select "Predict Week"
  • Once you need to start a new week just hit "Reset Week" and everything will be set to the default values!

Important information if you had the beta!

  • While the shortcut also explains this, this is important if you downloaded this prior to Version 1.0. To make resetting values easier I had to restructure the way Turnip Tracker stored the values. This means that the data in Data Jar is incompatible with the newest version. To fix this just hit Reset Week and the shortcut will reformate the dictionaries used. If you wish to save any inputted values. Go to DataJar (the app), Click Turnip, then values, and screenshot the numbers you want to keep.

  • TLDR; If you had beta it won't work until you reset but you'll lose any entered data, read above to learn how to not lose it.


  • I am not the creator of Turnip Prophet. Therefore, I am not responsible if the predictions are inaccurate or any other problems that may arise from the use of this predictor. And all credit for the website goes to the list of contributors at the bottom of the website
  • Predicting values would be impossible without the work of Ninji. Who figured out how to predict the Turnip Prices via Deep-Mining.

Latest Release Notes

2.0 - May 3, 2020, 11:32 p.m.

First Public Release!

- Added custom made icons for the main menu items
- Subtitles help explain each action
- Added Reset Week option (Please read Important Info if you are from the betas)
- Turns out QuickUpdate had an integrated update option so this doesn't change anything but removes three actions

Version history