Kodi Commands

Run commands related to Kodi from your iPhone


Kodi Commands performs common tasks related to Kodi such as:

• starting & stopping kodi (confirgured for OSMC here) • viewing kodi.logs, tail log, searching log, etc. • ping the media source from the Kodi box • run texturecache.py • list ~ and .kodi/userdata in a tidy format • view and (*quasi-)edit main Kodi userdata files • run an arbirtary single-line command

main menu screenshot

log menu screenshot


• kodi installed of course • ssh access to your kodi box • basic command-line familiarity


• pre-configured for OSMC setup, but most commands are general. • texturecache.py is optional but very handy indeed • *editing larger files within Shortcuts is a pain, but it is possible to do. Recommended for smaller files only, unless you use the Scriptable solution by sylumer introduced in version 1.2. Either way, use at your own risk. • XML result output can be greatly improved if you install these two shortcuts: XML to Dictionary and Pretty Print Dictionary.

What are your most-frequently-used terminal tasks related to Kodi? If they suit this shortcut, please comment and they may get added to the next version.

Latest Release Notes

1.2 - Oct. 28, 2018, 10:35 p.m.

• introduced a sweet solution for editing text within shortcuts courtesy of sylumer
• implemented manual saving and auto-loading of settings
• other improvements

Version history