Send Audio to App

This shortcut extracts audio from audio and video files, and sends it directly to the apps listed.


Remember how you could use “Open in...” for a ton of apps but iOS 13 changed some of the ways the apps interact? This shortcut allows you to automatically send an audio file (or the audio from a video file) directly into an app.

The apps can be modified to suit your preferences. You don’t need all the apps listed. These were the ones I tested and found to work.

(As of this post, the “other” option doesn’t work. Will possibly update it, but I left it as a placeholder for further updates)

How to use the shortcut:

  1. Find an audio file or video file containing audio.
  2. Tap on the share option (depending on the app you’re using, you may need to press and hold the file, or find the share icon).
  3. Share the file to the shortcut named, “Send Audio to App”.
  4. Wait for app list to appear. If the list doesn’t show, try again.
  5. Select the app.

As with all shortcuts, make sure to add unauthorized shortcut when downloading for the first time.

Example of use cases:

  1. Send to Brusfri to instantly clean the audio.
  2. Send to djay to get the key and bpm of a song.
  3. Send to Nanostudio 2 to allow audio stems, loops, and samples in Nanostudio via Slate (drum pad) - Add a slate instrument/Go to the Slate drum pad/ Tap on the sample menu above/Drag sample into an empty drum pad.
  4. Send to Audiostretch to allow pitching audio stems.
  5. Send to Reslice for instant sampling.
  6. Send recorded audio from Oval Synth immediately into Reslice/Audioshare.

You can also customize the apps based on which ones you have/don’t have. See the apps listed to the left for iOS apps supported on the latest version.

Latest Release Notes

1.11 - April 2, 2021, 12:09 a.m.

Added an auto updater.
Also, added Voice Record Pro, and Spire (from Isotope)

Version history