OwO-tism • OwO-compatible file uploader

The ultimate OwO-compatible URL shortener and file uploader for iOS!


If the Shortcut is not installing, please make sure you've ran a shortcut at least once from the Shortcuts Gallery, and then go to Settings > Shortcuts > Turn on "Allow Untrusted Shortcuts".

Welcome to OwO-tism

OwO-tism is a file uploader and URL shortener for the OwO service at whats-th.is. OwO-tism is the most feature rich uploader for OwO, supporting many sources and all OwO settings.


OwO-tism supports uploading and shortening from the following sources:

  • Screenshots
  • Camera Roll
  • Clipboard
  • Files
  • Share Sheet Extension

Support For Everything

OwO-tism supports all settings from OwO, and allows you to change them on-the-fly, including:

  • Privacy: Stay anonymous or link your uploads to your account to find and delete them later.
  • Domain: Choose from many domains to personalize your link.
  • Token: Change what OwO account you are using.
  • Pomf and Polr URLs: For self-hosted OwO instances, this allows you to fully disconnect from the main OwO and use your own.

Support and FAQ

Q: Does this work with all OwO instances? A: Yes. OwO-tism works with the main OwO and self-hosted OwO instances.

Q: What does associated mean? A: Associated means you can manage your uploads through the Shortcut or at https://manager.owo.cloud.

Q: The Manage Uploads / Shorten URL button is not appearing in the Home menu! A: This button will only appear if you have your Privacy set to "Associated" in Settings.

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Latest Release Notes

1.13 - May 31, 2020, 7:32 p.m.

Introducing: Ethical Ads!

These are ads that will not track you, don't phone home, and stay offline. They only provide analytics if you choose to interact with the ad.

I'm an indie developer and I enjoy if you consider to fuel my day! If you want to purchase ads, DM me at https://bit.ly/BurritoDiscord.

Oh and this update brings minor fixes too.

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