Tinycut Builder

Start creating shortcuts using any text editor


OS Compatibility
macOS Yes
iOS 15 or higher No (Yes using SSH to Mac)
iOS 14 or lower Yes

Please download Shortcut Source Helper (https://​routinehub.co/​shortcut/​10060) to use this shortcut.

Tinycut Builder is a simple compiler that converts programming language-style text into a shortcut, allowing you to start your project by typing even on your computer. It can be used for merging shortcuts or adding special commands as well.

  • You can only specify actions, not variables or other parameters; you need to process them after conversion. This is intended to be used as an early action-planning tool.
    • Magic variables will be automatically connected between adjacent actions if it makes sense, as shown in the picture above.
  • It understands about 100, not all, commands. Any line that does not contain a command is converted to a comment action. Text after two slashes (//) on any line is also added as a comment.
  • Commands are case-insensitive.
  • For full command list, run the shortcut and select the Show Commands menu.
  • It ignores indentation; you can put spaces/tabs however you like.
  • To insert another shortcut from your shortcuts library, add line << my shortcut. You can specify just a substring of the name. Useful for adding frequently-used snippets or merging multiple shortcuts.
    • This can be used to quickly merge shortcuts. Enter a two-line command <<a and <<b, and it will create a new shortcut with shortcuts a and b merged.
    • Please note that automatic magic variable connection does not work if there is any << command in the input due to compatibility issues.
  • It offers six special commands that you can add to your new or existing shortcuts:
    • qlfs – Quick Look Full Screen (iOS 13 or later)
    • true – Boolean true
    • false – Boolean false
    • self – Run Shortcut-self (iOS 14 or later)
    • springboard – Go to Home Screen
  • The Enter Code menu lets you type in commands on the fly, handy for merging shortcuts or adding special commands quickly.

You can also convert a Shortcut to Tinycut-style text using the Convert Shortcut to Tinycut Text menu. However, the web review feature of Shortcut Source Tool (https://​routinehub.co​/shortcut​/5256) might be a better tool for analyzing large shortcuts.

Latest Release Notes

1.6.2 - Sept. 7, 2021, 1:56 p.m.

• Added ‘Shortcut to Tinycut Conversion’
• Fixed iOS 15 and macOS compatibility
• Now requires ‘Shortcut Source Helper’.

Version history