Play Pictionary without the board, dice, cards, or timer! You can even draw on your screen!


This shortcut replaces the need to buy Pictionary - you can now even draw directly in the shortcut. Although you don’t have to — I’m personally a fan of connecting an iPad to a TV and drawing on the iPad with an Apple Pencil, but this shortcut works with paper and pencil as well!

Contains almost 400 words, but it doesn’t have categories like real Pictionary.

In real pictionary you win by reaching the end of a game board that has 55 places. You move each round by a roll of 1 die. This is why the shortcut version is 55 points to win, and why it rolls a die.

Requires Toolbox Pro, but just the free version.

Running iOS 13? Try version 2.4. It’s the last compatible update.

Latest Release Notes

2.6 - Oct. 17, 2020, 4:32 a.m.

Version 2.6 automatically checks for updates the first time it’s run each day. It’s a feature I should’ve added long before now, but it’s here now. The pop up telling you about the update won’t interfere with gameplay in any way. Manually checking for updates is still supported.

Version history