Shortcut Source Tool

View, convert, save source in plist or json format, edit and export back to Shortcuts, review in web


OS Compatibility
macOS Yes
iOS 15 or higher Yes*
iOS 14 or lower Yes

*Exporting plist to shortcuts works via SSH to Mac.

Please download Shortcut Source Helper (https://​​shortcut/​10060) to use this shortcut.

This is a developer tool with which you can:

  • Select a shortcut or open a source file (from .txt, .json, .xml, .plist, .wflow, .shortcut or iCloud link) to:
    • Quick Look in plist or json format,
    • Convert from/to plist and json,
    • Save or share in plist or json,
    • Optionally edit source then export back to Shortcuts.
  • Review shortcuts interactively in web browser:

Web Review

The web review feature creates an html file from a shortcut, which looks similar to what you see in the Shortcuts app, but with these four major differences:

  • iPhone, iPad, Desktop Browser Support
    • You can open the html files on device, save in Files or share and open in any browser. They look and work the same way on any platform. Below is an iPad screenshot comparing two versions of a shortcut side by side.
    • For better experience on small devices, it has an option to trim large text content from some actions.
  • Block Folding
    • You can tap the header of an if/repeat/menu block or an action containing extra content to hide its nested actions or content. It helps you easily navigate shortcuts from others or long shortcuts you made but forgot how they work.
  • All Info Shown on Screen
    • All action information—including action parameters, variable type casting, dictionary key paths, where magic variables come from—is displayed, making it easy to see what it is doing at a glance.
    • You can take a screenshot and share as how-to snippets. Since Safari can take a tall screenshot in pdf, you can simply convert it to an image and share, rather than taking, cropping and stitching multiple screenshots. Screenshot below shows how web reviews deliver more info—URL as Rich Text—yet take up less space.
  • Search
    • In a browser you can search any text, including action names, parameters, variable names and numbers, text/comment/list/dictionary content, etc.
    • You can also see where magic variables come from by tapping them; the browser will jump to the source action, unfolding blocks if necessary.

Some Notes

  • If you choose “Create Web Review (trim large content)” from the shortcut menu, it will trim large text contained in text, comment, list and dictionary actions. It also trims long dictionary values (left in screenshot below). However, variables used in the content will all be displayed (right).
  • If a shortcut contains more than 300 actions, its top-level if/repeat/menu blocks will be folded by default to speed up page loading. Actions with very large content will also be folded.
  • It will use the action id, instead of the name, of an action it does not recognize. This is handy for 3rd-party actions you do not have, because you can guess their functions by the id string and also see what parameters they have.

Latest Release Notes

3.2.7 - March 19, 2022, 9:39 a.m.

  • Updated Web Review for iOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3

Version history