Tired of searching for bikes/scooters through multiple apps? Problem solved.


In many major cities, a huge number of bike/scooter share programs exist. The common practice is to download each service's app, configure it, and when ready to travel, look at each to determine the closest bike/scooter. That's a nightmare. If you're wanting a 6-block ride to get your lunch before your next meeting, you don't want to spend 5-10 minutes across 4+ apps, searching for the nearest vehicle with enough battery.

Enter MultiBikeShare, the shortcut to quickly find the nearest bike/scooter. Currently, MultiBikeShare supports the following services:

  • Bird
  • Lime
  • Razor
  • Spin

...with more to come.

Once the nearest bike/shooter is found, MultiBikeShare will open the appropriate app (Bird, Lime, etc.). In cases where MultiBikeShare can't open the app, it will open Maps with walking directions.

Note: For the shortcut to work, it is important to create accounts for each of the services you wish to use.

Latest Release Notes

1.3 - Nov. 7, 2018, 3:09 a.m.

- Made geo lookup much faster

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