Copy Free Time(s)

Quickly retrieve your free time based on calendar



copy freetime

This shortcut is based on the original version from matthewcassinelli to grab your calendar events and calculate when you are "free". It has some modifications that I have implemented:

  • Timezone adjustment (for sending to someone in another timezone)
  • Multiple date checking (between a start and end date range)

Credit to ROP for MediaKit badges, banners, and iPhone Mockups.

Credit to D3W10 for Swing Updater E used in this shortcut

Credit to Matthew Cassinelli for the original Copy Free Time

Instructions for use

  1. Run the shortcut
  2. Choose between a single date or date range
  3. Choose your date or (start and end date)
  4. Choose if you want to adjust the times for a different timezone
  5. Alert showing the free time is shown and copied to clipboard for use

Images to show the steps above

Choose Single Date or Date Range

1 2

Use Timezone Offset and Set Offset


Alert Output Showing Free Time


Latest Release Notes

1.02 - June 9, 2020, 8:34 p.m.

Version 1.02 Release Notes
- updated release version to fix the updater from going nuts
- tweak output alert title

- Total Actions: #154
- Created on iOS 13.5.1
- Released at 2020-06-09

Version history