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Control your Mac with these tools!


Hey all! Have you ever wanted to interface with your Mac with your iPhone? Don’t want to hassle with programs like Termius and Team Viewer to do basic things like check for updates? Have you ever wanted to wake your computer from your iPhone? Well this bugger is for you! Here is the list of things it can do!

Manage multiple macs Put your Mac to sleep Wake your Mac Reboot your Mac Shutdown your Mac Run an AppleScript either by file, or a small one from terminal Get your current uptime Check your mac’s internet connection Get the macOS version and build number Perform custom SSH commands Start a Time Machine back up Install macOS updates And finally, Say something ;) (okay, that’s just a goofy one for me)

You can have multiple macOS machines set up with this, change their configurations, and much more!

Latest Release Notes

2.5 - June 26, 2020, 11:26 p.m.

Version 2.5 Release Notes
- new notifications for a few tools :) ISP Speed test is one notable example (no sitting in silence)
- new welcome screen after updates :)
-new file placed in shortcut folder for last run :)

- Total Actions: #482
- Created on iOS 14.0
- Released at 2020-06-26

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